Sunday, June 7, 2009

Character Cheat Sheet

Here's a character cheat sheet for a series of stories I've had on the back-burner for almost 6 years now. Mark and Amandine are from the first book in this series, Mina is Mark's little sister, and Cale is her love interest (theirs is the second story, if it all works out).


22 years old
3rd son and prince
To disguise his low self-esteem
Has many freckles everywhere
Hates them
Very curious and intellectual
Pretends he isn’t
Very impulsive
Hates cats
Has pretended he was mentally deficient since he was 12
This has caused many, many issues
Most of which are hilarious


Doesn’t know her age; at least 30
Looks 16
Probably will for some time
Friendly but shy
No manners
No filter
Twisted sense of humor
Manages a fantastic deadpan

Wilhelmina (Mina)

20 years old
5th child (twin brother is a few minutes older)
Spoiled stubborn brat of a princess
Is a sweetheart with her brothers
Except Alex (eldest brother)
Is quite aware that she is beautiful
Downright distrusting of males other than her brothers
Very cunning
Flaunts it
And everything else
Especially her hair
Which is bad, good girls cover their hair

Micale (Cale)

Age up in the air but has reached maturity (physically)
Only child
Spoiled stubborn brat of a prince
Tolerates family
Trust is hard earned
Unless you’re an adorable 5 ft girl
Terrible flirt
Terrible because he’s completely out of his league
Because he was an ugly awkward child/preteen/teenager
Had his eye gouged in a fight
It’s seriously gross
Now has a collection of eye patches

So this is just for kicks. As soon as I figure out exactly how to post pictures, there shall be pictures. Woohoo!